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Ricoh Document Governance Index

The Independent study conducted by Coleman Parkes Research provides a unique insight into document governance and how it fits in today's economic and technological climate.


It shows that many organisations across Europe are neglecting document governance to the detriment of their bottom line and the agility of their business. While the majority of senior executives understand the importance of a comprehensive governance strategy, most are still needlessly missing out on cost savings, enhanced security, increased productivity and lower environmental impacts.


In light of these discoveries, the report explores areas where improvements can be made to easily improve company-wide strategy.


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Safeguarding Confidential Information

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The Business of Being Green

Document Governance

About the research

The methodology

This study was conducted by independent research firm Coleman Parkes Research.  Interviews were conducted with senior decision makers in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and United Kingdom. All respondents work in either medium or large companies in the Financial Services; Professional Services; Public and Telecommunications/Utilities and Media sectors across Europe.

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Moving Ideas Forward

Why we did it

The Document Governance Index is one way for us to gain an even deeper insight into European businesses today.  We are committed to customer driven innovation and continually find new ways to inspire us and those around us.  By listening to European business leaders and by better understanding their specific challenges, we are more aware of how our actions will shape the future and what can be done today, to help move ideas forward.

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